- Livingston, Iowa -

Established 1854

Historic Livingston

Though Livingston was named after its most prominent leader, other families such as the Phillips', the Llewellyns, the Harls, the Burkhisers, the Bales', the Condras, and others played a role in the organizing and the sustaining of this beneficial little community.  One of the early settlers, E.O. Smith, reasonably sold some of his land for the use of a church, schoolhouse, and cemetery. 

The church was known as the moral compass of the community but Livingston also had two general stores, a post office, a brick kiln, two blacksmith shops, a grist mill, a lumber mill, a school, a Woodsmen of America Lodge, a doctor's office, a coal mine, and of course, a cemetery.  The town was also serviced by the occasional visiting dentist and photographer. 

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Livingston Parker