- Livingston, Iowa -

Established 1854

Historic Livingston

The Historic Livingston Foundation

The Historic Livingston Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was founded in October of 2003 for the purpose of preserving the rich history of the former village of Livingston, Iowa.

With much appreciated help, the Foundation has restored the original 1880 Franklin Baptist Church building and has built a new museum to house artifacts and memorabilia owned and used by the pioneer families of the community.  The church building has been used for various special events and is available upon request if certain requirements are met.  The Historic Livingston Foundation has collected a treasure trove of historic items and is discriminately accepting donations of certain artifacts, documents, and memorabilia to be put on display in the museum for the purpose of sharing the history of the area from the middle 1800s to the middle 1900s with others who are interested.

Current Board Members of the Historic Livingston Foundation

Josh Davenport: President

Wendy Choponis: Vice President

Vickie Spurgeon: Secretary

Linda Ballanger: Treasurer

Darlene Harl: Board Member

Hazelee Fowler-Wear: Board Member


Neil Harl: Legal Advisor